Friday, February 16, 2018

Dongdaewon 2018

Picture image created by Yunus Wardak Y9H 

Welcome to Dongdaewon 2018 at Seoul Foreign School. 

If this is your first time visiting this blog, please take a moment to read about the SFS history; post One Stop Shop, all you need to know about Dongdaewon and partnering with the Eugene Bell Foundation (please check out the links to find out more).

Dongdaewon is a six week, school wide fundraiser, where students and faculty raise money to support patients with tuberculosis in North Korea, at one of the 12 centers Eugene Bell supports. We have known it as Dongdaewon but it's official new name is Pyongchon MDR-TB Center.

  • Iris Shin 7G (Writing)
  • Alice Kwon Y9J (Picture Design)
The money we raise goes directly to providing medicine for the patients. The cost per patient who are on the multidrug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) program is 5,040,000 won or approx $4,860 US (for an 18 month treatment course).  SFS has partnered with Eugene Bell for nearly 20 years.

Keep reading to find out what is happening this year Dongdaewon 2018.

  • t.shirts/hoodies - this year students had the unique opportunity to enter a design for our annual Dongdaewon t.shirts.  There were so many thoughtfully created designs that the judges chose parts of three designs.  Congratulations to Yunus Wardak ((Y9H) back image, Alice Kwon (Y9J) front image and Iris Shin (7G) front writing, for your winning designs.
  • T.shirts/Hoodies can be purchased or ordered from each section and can be worn during the fundraising period. T.shirts every Friday and hoodies every day.
  • T.shirts (16,000) 
    Hoodies (35,000)
  • Shamograms - each year little leprechauns pay a visit to SFS. Please keep an eye out for the shamogram forms, coming soon, where you can buy a little treat to say 'Luck of the Irish, be with you!' Or 'Thank you, I really appreciate you.' for 2,000 won.  

  • Each year the British school (March 20th) and Elementary school (March 9th) run a student-led fair, where students work doing chores to raise money to spend on creative and innovative student initiated ideas. Don't forget to calendar these dates!
  • Dongdaewon Swim met - this Saturday from 9 am onwards. Check out the Enews for more information, or contact the pool office.
  • Each section also has their own individual fundraisers going on, so don't forget to check out what is happening in the different sections of the school.
These are just a few of the awesome events heading our way.  Don't forget to keep checking the blog for regular updates and how you can support Dongdaewon 2018.

Your action saves lives!

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